Moon Magic: Environmentally Conscious Jewelry That Shines


The Moon Magic community is built around two basic concepts: Look good and do good. Behind their swoon-worthy gemstone jewelry is a message and a mission with deep roots. For every piece of jewelry they sell, Moon Magic plants a tree.

To the founders of Moon Magic, it’s all about balance. They believe you can spoil yourself and still be a force for good. They acknowledge that gems and minerals come from the earth, and that doing business will have some unavoidable environmental impacts. With this truth in mind, they decided to take more responsibility, lead by example, and change the game. 

Accessibility as a Force for Good

Founded by two friends traveling in Bali, Moon Magic has evolved from a small passion project to an international powerhouse with dozens of employees and nearly 1 million social media fans. While some companies drift farther from their ideals in the vacuum of fast growth, the four-year-old jewelry brand has used their success to build a community of like-minded people and repay the planet for her gifts.

Built on passion, gratitude, and responsibility, Moon Magic continues to thrive with their approachable pricing and buy one – plant one business model. Using an online-only, direct to consumer channel, the young jewelry brand keeps costs down for consumers and enables the company to make meaningful financial contributions to their planting partner Trees for the Future. Together, with the outpouring of support from their loyal fans, Moon Magic has planted nearly 300,000 trees.

Privilege and Responsibility: A Beautiful Partnership  

Moon Magic believes that beautiful gemstone jewelry inspires and feeds the soul and that planting trees can help bring the industry full circle. Not only does planting trees have a direct effect on the environment, but the social and economic impacts of the initiative also revitalize communities affected by deforestation. Planting trees in regions most affected by slash and burn clearing and systemic poverty can create more stable food sources, employment opportunities, and clean air for those who need it most. 

By partnering with the forestry experts at Trees for the Future, Moon Magic is able to create better places and opportunities for all of us, and most importantly, for those in need. For Moon Magic fans, being able to wear the jewelry they love and support a brand that is actively working to diminish their ecological footprint is a total win-win. 

From the simple idea of two friends to a beloved jewelry brand with a mission to plant trees, the Moon Magic journey has been an impressive one. It’s a complex story where humanitarian work, environmental advocacy, and beautiful design cross paths to bring a little more magic into the world.

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