7 Software Tools To Support Your Retail Business

Operating in the retail sector is no easy task, what with growing competition and constant market changes to throw your strategies off course. The good news is that technology is on your side, and many software tools can support your performance and growth. From management to analytics and marketing, check out these seven software tools to improve your retail operations.

1 . Epos Now 

Epos Now is a software tool designed for small to medium-sized companies. It offers a handy ‘Point of Sale’ module, retail accounting, inventory management, and customer management. The software also features payroll processing, purchase orders, and a general ledger.

The Epos Now platform is utilized across several different industries, from groceries to apparel and home decor. As part of the POS module, you can access electronic sale integration, credit card scanning, age verification, and time clocks. You can also void transactions and add discounts to your items. Using the inventory application, you can access a supplier database, inventory reports and monitor your purchase orders.

2 . Amber POS 

Amber POS is available from the Pacific Amber company across Canada and the US. As well as the Point Of Sale capabilities, Amber POS offers inventory management and customer relationship management. With these advanced CMS features, you can analyze customer purchasing trends and monitor personal details. The reporting features allow you to interpret and visualize your sales daily. There’s also a useful vendor management module that offers comms between suppliers and retailers. Investing in great POS software is one of the best tips for retail businesses.

3. Ordoro 

Ordoro is one of the leading inventory management systems; users can organize inventory levels with ease with simple POS integration. With Ordoro, you can send products straight from your manufacturer to the customer using the ‘dropping-shipping’ tool. All you have to do is set up your vendors and products, and then you can route your goods automatically or manually. You can receive orders of multiple products or separate your units. With Ordoro, you’ll get a highly accessible tool with automation features and excellent customer service.

4. Xero 

Xero has plenty of top-notch features to help retailers organize their company. With this leading accounting software, you can monitor invoices, cash flow, and a whole lot more. It’s the perfect software for businesses that need support with taxes, payments online, purchase orders, and quotes. With Xero, you’ll get an affordable solution and robust invoicing tools for fast payments. Users can design personalized invoices and automate reminders. Xero software supports multiple currencies across 160 different countries. The tool converts the currency in real-time and updates your reports to represent the appropriate rate. With a high performing accounting solution, you can stop worrying about your finances and get on with your important projects.

5. SPS Commerce Analytics 

The SPS Analytics solution allows retailers to access valuable insights to improve their sales strategies. Using this data, you can make data-informed adjustments, minimize stock-outs, improve forecasting, boost sell-through, and a lot more. SPS Commerce Analytics gives you access to 800 + metrics that give you a full picture of buying trends and patterns. With these insights, users can optimize their inventory and production planning. You’ll always know precisely when to replenish products and how to reduce the chance of markdowns. SPS Analytics allows you to avoid the bottlenecks that result in expensive disruptions. Improving your performance is all about monitoring your successes and failures and creating a roadmap to do better next time.

6. Oracle Forms Migration

Oracle Forms users should consider an oracle forms migration to achieve a more agile retail business. With an Oracle Forms, Migration businesses can modernize old customer management systems with advanced automation tools. Older versions of Oracle Forms and Reports cannot scale for use online; what’s more, poor usability impacts billing and adoption tasks. With an Oracle Forms and Reports Migration, retail businesses can improve their efficiency. A migration involves moving the Oracle database onto a SQL Server using Azure virtual devices for improved maintenance.

7. Dataweave 

DataWeave offers digital shelf and competitive intelligence analytics for eCommerce companies. This AI-powered platform helps eCommerce companies to make better merchandising and pricing decisions, consequently driving profitability and growth. If you’re a brand looking to protect your commerce presence and boost product discoverability, Dataweave is the software tool you need.

Depending on your needs and industry, not every software option will be suitable. It’s important to conduct detailed research before committing to a solution.

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