4 Ways To Provide A Professional Looking Business From Home

You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. When prospective clients look at your business and try to gain more information about your business, providing them with a good and professional first impression is important. If your business doesn’t provide the image of professional and trustworthy then you are going to have a difficult time finding and retaining clients. So what can you do to provide that professional looking image to your prospective and future clients? Here are 4 ways you can build and maintain that professional image.

Digital business address

There are several businesses who provide home office mail and address services. Wat this means for you is that you will have a professional-looking address that clients and others can send mail and important documents to, rather than using your home address. The appearance of professional premises will help build credibility and a professional look to all of those that you interact with and stops your home address being flooded with mail for your business as well as your home life.

Use a domain email address

If you are still using your personal email for any kind of business use then you can be sending the wrong signals to prospective clients and partners. If you are running a professional business providing services or products then you really should have an email address that reflects that. This means you don’t use an email address such as “yourbusiness@gmail.com”, but rather “yourname@yourbusiness.com”. Having a professional-looking email address prevents your business from looking young and inexperienced. It’s a simple thing, but quite cheap to do and will go a long way.

Separate business phone number

A separate business phone number is a must in order to prevent any confusion and issues of businesses calling your personal number. It isn’t too expensive to either install a second line with a dedicated phone number or better yet, purchase a cheap mobile phone with an alternate business SIM card. Having a business number that you can hand out, rather than your personal one, allows you to screen calls more effectively and prevents people from finding out your personal number when the shouldn’t know it. Privacy and security is the name of the game and a separate number helps provide that.

Having an up to date website

Being able to provide a professional-looking website is pretty much part and parcel of running and owning a business in the modern-day. They are incredibly cheap to set-up and maintain and you can create a professional and clean website within a couple of hours of purchasing your domain and hosting package. However, many businesses set websites up and neglect them from that date. Always keep your website current and relevant as many prospective clients will check your website before they wish to talk to you. A poor website will turn them off from even sending you an email. Speak to a professional designer or developer if you are worried about how your website looks.

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