How To Turn Shopping Into A Great Date Every Time

Think shopping is a terrible idea for a date? You’re probably not alone.The thing is, they still seem to use the mall for buying rubber bracelets. While the rest of us are adults that have expanded our tastes beyond Hot Topic, there are so many better things to do.

The thing is, if you’re setting out with the right idea in mind, it can be a fun and exciting date and a great way to get to know the other person.

Admittedly, I wouldn’t suggest shopping as a first date idea. That said, provided you’ve met before, I’m going to run you through a few quick pointers to help you out. 

These small tips could be just the thing that makes you change your mind about shopping dates. Particularly with more retail stores opening up and retail sales increasing, I’m all for this idea.

Don’t relate it to shopping with your parents

We’ve all been there as children. Getting dragged around the mall with mom while she buys adult stuff and says “no” to everything you want. You trudge around, bored out of your mind, complaining that your feet hurt.

If that’s the image you have of the mall, it’s time to shake that loose. It’s been years since you had to deal with that and it’s time to move on. This is different — you’re going on a date and the two of you get to make the rules.

There’s so much to see and explore at the mall and nobody to tell you what you can and can’t buy. Going into this date with the right mindset can make all the difference. If you’re telling yourself you’ll hate it before you even arrive, I guarantee you’ll make sure that’s correct.

Have a specific purpose in mind

Even if window-shopping is something you enjoy, don’t let that happen on the first date. Instead, go into it with a particular goal in mind. Something the two of you can work on together and a place you’re comfortable with. Do a little planning and find some flirty questions to ask your crush relevant to where you’re going. The more questions you have to fall back on when the conversation stalls the better it will go.

Maybe you’re putting together a costume for a party or something along those lines. If you’re thinking about just heading in to buy some new shoes, forget it. Do that in your own time rather than boring your date to death.

If you want to turn this shopping date into a fun experience, it has to be something you can both collaborate on. The challenge of finding the best things for that goal is exactly what makes this fun. Getting creative and working on it together.

Choose a task or activity you can both engage with

When you’re choosing what you’ll get up to on this shopping date, make sure it isn’t one-sided. As a guy, I’d struggle to engage too much with a date that’s all about finding her a set of heels for a party.

Likewise, I would never drag my date around looking at sporting equipment or some tools for my car.

The success of this date is more about the two of you working together on something than what you’re buying. If you’re choosing something they just don’t care about, you’re setting them up for a night of boredom.

Keep the waiting time to a bare minimum

So often we see people milling around a store waiting for their partner to try on yet another item. Know how many of those people are having a good time waiting around? Zero. None of them. They’re bored and they just want it to be over.

If your plan involves buying clothing or something, be wary of how long it’s going to take. If you feel as though you might have to go to several stores and try on multiple items, change your plans.

I’ve had fun shopping dates, but I couldn’t think of anything worse than going to the mall and standing around outside change rooms!

Take a break for some food and a couple drinks

When Zoosk looked at the most common words that came up for people’s ideal dates, “food,” “dinner,” “coffee” and “drinks” ranked very well. It’s a great idea to incorporate this into your shopping date too. Particularly if you’re going to be there for a couple of hours or more.

Not only is a great way to split up the day, it’s also the perfect opportunity to chat and enjoy each other’s company.

If the two of you are struggling to find what you need, it can also be a great chance to recharge and come up with a game plan. Shopping dates should be more than the two of you literally shopping!

Plan ahead — at least know the first store you want to visit

You know what else is really boring when you go to the mall? Standing around while your date tries to figure out where they need to go.

You don’t need a full itinerary but you should at least have the first store in mind. That way you can find a parking spot nearby and head straight there to get things started. After that, figure out a plan together and make it up as you go.

Remember, this date is mostly about the two of you spending time together. Having a goal while you’re there is important but you also need to enjoy each other’s company!

Make plans for once you’re done shopping too

Just like taking that quick break for some food, having something else to do at the end helps a lot. Shopping dates can be a great time but not if you spend either hours looking for one thing!

By having a plan at the end as well, you’re making sure you keep a lid on that timeframe. This could be watching a movie, Netflix on the couch or maybe some more creative date ideas.

In short, come up with a plan that the two of you can enjoy. The last thing you want to do is bore your date to death — that’s not how we successfully set up another date, okay?!

So long as you can do that successfully, shopping dates can honestly be a whole lot of fun. Don’t take the day too seriously, enjoy spending that time together and get creative with whatever it is you’re searching for.

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