5 Shopify Applications Every Seller Must Have in Their Toolbox

With the boost in eCommerce, large and small businesses establish a presence on platforms such as Shopify. The COVID-19 crisis has encouraged many consumers to do their shopping from home, catapulting the already growing trend toward online shopping and creating new opportunities for eCommerce.

As Shopify approaches a million users, many brands will get lost in the shuffle. Shopify Apps aid with marketing and the running of a business and are indispensable for thriving in an increasingly competitive environment. The following Shopify apps will help with everything from increasing international sales, creating labels and user guides, and making dropshipping faster and more profitable.

Google Shopping Feed by AdWords Robot

To reach shoppers worldwide with in-depth information about your products, Google Shopping Feed is an easy-to-use app that will extend your brand’s reach. The app allows you to generate feeds in multiple countries for specific currencies so you can see the exact price advertised in various regions. All variants, such as size, color, size, and material, are included with extended titles to ensure the correct product is purchased. Google Shopping creates an easy setup of Facebook, Bing, and Google ads.

● Multiple Feeds in Local Currencies (with Shopify Multi Currency Checkout)

● Multiple Feeds in Local Languages (with Shopify Translations)

● Fully Detailed Lists of Product Features

● Display Updated to Eliminate Out of Stock Items

● Simple Setup of Google, Bing, and Facebook ads

● $1 per month for 1,000 products, variants are free (minimum $7 per month)

Printout Designer by Actual Reports

This app streamlines document creation for invoices, packing slips, barcode labels, and other materials. It is easy to customize and add designs, barcodes, and document texts. There is no need to copy and paste style preferences. Printout Designer’s template builder employs simple drag and drops features for a custom design—download and email materials and or batch print connected to any printer. Create custom automation rules for sending out emails when orders have been filled.

● Automatically emails and prints invoices and receipts

● Drag and Drop Template Design

● Customize Design with Text and Image Additions

● Compatible with Any Printer

● Several Payment Plans from $4.99 to $59.99 Monthly

Multi-Label Barcodes by The Resistance Marketing

Simplify shipping with attractive custom labels. Begin by customizing your label templates that are compatible with most printers. Display logo, discount, and QR code with URL. Simply scanning a barcode instantly updates inventory in a selected location. Quickly print address labels to expedite shipping. The Multi-Label Barcodes app integrates seamlessly with Shopify, with the ability to choose products that were created, displayed, or updated within a specific time frame. Liquid code allows the dynamic updates of label content. Automatically assign barcodes and SKUs to products.

●       Customize Label Templates

●       Automatic Inventory Updates Through Scanning

●       Easy-to-Print Address Labels

●       Dynamic Label Templates with Liquid Code

●       $9.99 monthly

Niche Spy Dropshipping by Topsder

This app makes dropshipping on Shopify easy with substantial cost savings and dramatically reduced delivery times. Topdser allows you to spy and add niche items on AliExpress, display them on your Shopify store, and earn cashback. Place and fulfill large orders with just a few clicks. Easily Source and Import products. What sets this app apart is its Low Price Guarantee for Topdser sourcing–a lower price on an identical item from another agent or sourcing platform will be matched. As part of the Admitad Affiliate program, Topsder provides up to 10% cashback on AliExpress dropshipping. Easily import products with Chrome extension or link.

●       Import and Source Any Product

●       Automated Bulk Orders

●       Lowest Price Guarantee

●       Cash Back on Dropshipping

●       Free Installation

User Guide Creator by Robin A.

Give your customers extra value with attractive and useful user guides. In addition to providing valuable information to customers on how they can make the most of your products, you can simplify customer service by sending product and user guide links. The app gives the choice of uploading an existing user guide or creating one from scratch. Organize your user guides in one convenient place while matching your Shopify theme. The company that created this app also has a website where they run ads for ecommerce stores : setupandscale.com

●       App Helps You Create User Guide

●       Upload Existing User Guides

●       Organize All Versions of Your User Guide

●       Customize to Fit Your Shopify Store

●       15 User Guides for $5 monthly or unlimited for $10 monthly

Pick, Pack and Promo by Codekiwi

One of the most challenging aspects of eCommerce is the pick and pack process of fulfilling orders. This app organizes a pick list by eliminating extraneous information and focusing only on what you need. It also allows convenient grouping of items by either breaking up groups of items or bundling commonly ordered products together into combinations. They provide custom lists which can have orders assigned manually or by a set of rules. Pick, Pack, and Promo increases customer satisfaction by providing gifts and promotions to returning customers or those who make large orders. Make the process easier by choosing to display customer, order, and address tags depending on workflow.

●       Organize information for Quick Picking and Packing

●       Customizable Grouping of Items

●       Add Promotions and Gifts Easily

●       choose what order information to display

●       They offer 4 plans from free to $36 monthly

Finding the Right Shopify App

To be competitive, a business needs the right tools. These apps help companies make the most out of Shopify and make shipping, marketing, and inventory more efficient. For just a few dollars a month, each of these apps can save your company money, improve operations, and enhance the customer experience.

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