Four Smart Home Security Devices Worth Investing In

It’s no secret that the smartphone now plays a central role in most people’s lives, especially if you have a smart home. With the Internet of Things being as big as it is today, people can control almost every aspect of their home from their mobile phones. Want to control the temperature or the lights in your home remotely?

You can do these things with specific smart home applications. However, the fact that smart homes are becoming all the rage makes them targets for burglars. Regardless of whether you have a smart home or not, you should never take the safety of your family and your home’s security lightly. With the right smart security devices, it can be easy to protect your home from invasion.

Here are four smart security devices worth investing in:

Smart Locks

The smart lock market has been growing rapidly in terms of functionality and diversity. Smart locks are ideal if you are looking for a keyless way to keep burglars away from your belongings. They allow you to unlock your door through a wide variety of ways, including your smartphone, fingerprints, or face identification. Some will even help you lock your windows and garage too.

Since smart locks could be part of your home’s IoT ecosystem, they could communicate with other devices in your home. For instance, they can communicate with your thermostat to lower your home’s temperature when you lock your door. When buying smart locks for your home, look for well-established locksmith Toronto services that offer top-brand smart lock options.

Smart Lights and Blinds

Burglaries typically happen out of an opportunity to carry out crime with ease. Burglars will tend to assess your home for a while before picking the ideal time to break into it. In fact, 70% of burglaries are bound to happen when there aren’t any people at home. Since there is less resistance, it will be easy for the burglar to carry on with their crime.

If you can find a way to prove that there is someone at home, you will keep opportunistic thieves at bay even when there isn’t. That is what smart lights and bulbs allow you to do. You can turn on the lights whenever you are out to create the illusion that you’re at home. In case you didn’t close your blinds before leaving home, you can do so remotely to avoid having anyone snoop into your home.

Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is a sure way to deter thieves, especially if you place them in easy-to-spot locations. Even better, smart security cameras come with features that elevate the level of security in your home. For instance, some come with facial recognition features, motion detection, and two-audio to help you scare aware thieves by letting them know you’re watching.

While such a camera will send an alert on your phone once it notices an intruder, it can allow you to access your home if you lose your keys or phone. Others are weather-resistant and vandal-proof, making them ideal for outdoor environments. The trick to picking ideal smart security cameras is creating a list of your biggest security needs and using it as a blueprint while shopping for cameras with the features you need.

Alarms and Sensors

How fast can the police and emergency service providers reach your home in times of need? Conventionally, home alarm systems have been effective at alerting the authorities whenever a home got broken into. Today, smart sensors and alarms do more than this, and they come with a range of features. Smart sensors can help you detect floods, smoke, and fires and alert the authorities too. Most smart alarms are designed to be secure and harder to disarm.

Keep Building Your Home’s Security System

Intruders and burglars will always look for ways to break-in and steal. While most smart devices will slow them down, if not stop them, burglars have been coming up with ways to get past these devices. This is why it is vital to purchase security devices that are designed around the latest technology. Adapt as you move forward and implement the latest security measures.

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