Protective Equipment Every Retail Worker Should Have

We have often been in the face of danger, so many possibilities of hurting ourselves as we handle equipment or as we make our rounds through our shops or as we climb ladders and many more instances; however, in these times, the danger goes beyond that. With the outbreak of COVID-19, we might still slip and fall, but that aside, we need to be cautious about the very air we breathe and be critical about the surfaces we work around. Being a retailer will also expose you to a lot of contact with different people, and at such a time when we are advised otherwise, this leaves a safety gap to review. What protective equipment should every retailer have?


Safety at the workplace is paramount. As a retailer working in these conditions, you should have measures to control customer congestion in your store. The use of rope and stanchion is effective in keeping customers from queuing near the work areas. Also, employ measures to help maintain a proper distance between the customers and make sure there is adequate air circulation. Providing hand sanitizers will also help a bunch.


Use physical barriers to separate retailers from the general public. You could use customer service windows, for example. Keep in mind that while protecting yourself and fellow retailers, you will be covering a whole bigger part of the public as well. Your customers may not be accustomed to the physical barriers, but they would understand and appreciate the move. Tough times call for tough measures.



Masks have become the most commonly used form of protection against the pandemic by the majority of the public. Professions at recommend that you get yourself and your colleagues the KN95 masks with a 95% filtration rate of particles greater than 0.3 microns. Such a mask will slow down any potential threat of the spread of the virus. This mask is made of five layers that work collectively to keep you perfectly protected and has elastic ear loops that will ensure a tight fit. It is effective and comfortable. You will still breathe just fine without much resistance. Among its advantages is the possibility of using the mask more than once, while implementing the CDC’s directives on reuse and extended use. Masks are effective but do not guarantee safety therefore avoid touching your face.


Our eyes are an open mucous membrane and therefore are a gateway to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting lots of people as a retailer puts you in a risky enough situation. Your air may be contaminated with potentially infected droplets as you interact with customers. That aside, the chances of touching your face are high just as with all other individuals, exposed or not. Get yourself a set of safety eye care goggles or a face shield. Your health is paramount; leave nothing to chance.


To top all that, keep all your surfaces clean and sanitize regularly. Wear a pair of disposable gloves when doing it. Clean with soap and water, then disinfect and do this routinely on surfaces that are more frequently touched or equipment often used. In this way, you will assure safety not just for you, but also for your contacts.

As you use all these equipment and methods to stay protected, remember that hygiene is key. Have wipes to use as often as you need them and properly dispose of used gloves and masks for your safety and the public’s safety. Wellness is for all of us, and it starts with you.

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