What Can You Expect From Your First Tarot Card Reading?

Life is full of uncertainties, and we all have ways of dealing with them. Most of us prepare ahead of time and hope for the best. In some cases, we just let nature take its course. However, some uncertainties can take a huge toll on your life. For instance, the few days or weeks before making a big life decision can be intimidating. When your love life is in shambles, you may need a little extra guidance and insight to deal with your curiosities and uncertainties.

For most people, tarot readings have proven to help provide clarity and peace of mind when at a crossroads in life. Tarot card reading involves visiting a psychic to help you gain clearer insight of past, present, and future events in your life. As you will discover at observer.com, there are dozens of tarot card reading services online these days. You don’t have to sweat looking for a card reader or spending money on gas to the tarot reader’s office. You just have to choose a good site and you can have psychic reading services right from the comfort of your house. Curious about your first experience? If you are just about to get your first tarot card reading, here’s what to expect. 

1. Kind, Friendly, and Approachable Reader 

During your first experience, you are nervous, and you are not sure of what the cards will say about your future. It is totally normal to feel desperate about what the future holds. But to help cool your nerves a little, these are just cards, or are they?

Your reader is kind enough to create an interactive environment with you. Intuition is critical for any reader so that they do not scare you on your first day. Remember, they want you back again and again. However, if their vibes do not match your energy, feel free to look elsewhere.

2. Expect Personal Questions 

Some readers have a genuine psychic ability while others are there for fame and the dollar. Most of the latter are the ones who go by their intuition. That is why you need to research and settle on the one that has the best reputation.

When asked questions, let the skeletons out of the closet. After all, they cannot judge you. They have a sincere desire to assist you, and your secrets are safe with them. They can as well ask you what you expect from the readings to create room for conversation. 

3. Expect a Conversation 

Once you have picked your card, they will interpret the card and ask if the interpretation makes sense. If it does not, they may dig deeper into your life so that they can see where that interpretation applies. They can ask about your job, love life, family life, conflicts, misunderstandings, and expectations, among other things. Be willing to have a conversation to come to a mutual conclusion that makes you comfortable. 

4. Expect and Seek Clarifications

Amidst all these errands, remember that you have your own life to control and steer in the direction you feel comfortable in. Being your first time, you may be having mixed feelings about the experience, but take it easy. If something negative comes up, ask! Seek clarifications! You can take notes or record the session for whatever reason. While at it, however, avoid questions with “why” because they also cannot tell why it will happen that way. Rather, ask clearer and more direct questions like, “when should I expect to meet that TDH man I adore?” 

5. A New Perspective of You 

Do not let what you get from the reader stick to your head unless it is something positive. You’ve probably heard the popular expression that ‘you are what you think you are’. This means that you can either choose to walk out empowered and inspired, or disappointed and frustrated. It is all upon you. After all, no one can accurately foretell the future. Work on yourself and build your inner reflections. 

If you are a first-timer, leave all your high hopes and stereotypes at the door. Readers are different, and so are the experiences. The environment is not as scary as you see in the movies, so forget the one-eyed black cat that tells you “welcome” upon arrival.

Pocket all the positive accounts that are about to happen in your life and trash all the negative. Not unless you believe in superpowers, you have no reason to heed by the readers’ word. If you must do it, do it for fun as you work on yourself.

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