Invisible Face Mask ‘Mingle Mask’ Targets Canadian Retailers and Businesses

Jessica Finch
Jessica Finch
Jessica Finch is a writer and editor based in Toronto. She holds a BA in English and Psychology and is a graduate of Ryerson University’s Publishing program. She has extensive managerial experience in the food service industry, and is interested in exploring innovations within this sector and other retail environments.

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Canadian company Mingle Mask is targeting Canadian retailers and foodservice businesses with its new invisible, ergonomic mask that provides all the benefits of mask protection while allowing one’s face to be completely visible.

Retail Insider readers get 10% off orders with code RI-10 and may contact Kara Kelly at


The eco-friendly and recyclable masks are made from FDA-approved PET plastic and come in one size, adjustable for all faces with a built-in chin rest and adjustable ear straps. The lightweight design maintains its shape and is designed to cover the nose and mouth area to protect against respiratory droplets being expelled by the wearer. The Mingle Mask is the first Canadian-made, clear face covering on the market.


Mingle Masks allow for facial identification and ease of communication, while also working well for those who are hearing impaired. They are also designed to make breathing easier and do not fog up. Mingle Masks are reusable and easily cleaned. Breaking down communication barriers created by the visual obstruction of traditional masks, Mingle Masks increase customer engagement and general morale in retail and hospitality environments.

As the new normal settles and retail operations reopen across the country, implementing new safety procedures has been a challenge for all. The list of mandated safety protocols is long, and they run the risk of interfering with the once seamless business model people enjoyed pre-COVID.

A concern for business owners in all areas of retail and hospitality is maintaining a warm environment for customers in a new world of PPE, temperature checks, sanitization, and questionnaires. Establishing a connection between customer and staff has made that a bit harder due to the implementation of face masks in most public places across the country.

“We believe we are the best alternative face covering product on the market for Non Medical face masks,” said representative Kara Kelly.

“We have been at the forefront a ground-breaking initiative and have created an innovation product that can benefit so many people and business sectors including: corporate conglomerates, small business, finance, sales and service reps, manufacturing, retail, bars, restaurants, education, transportation workers, and notwithstanding the public and individuals in marginalized segments of the population who have breathing difficulties, hearing loss, and asthma sufferers.”

“One last notable point I want to include is, the cost. “We wanted to produce and supply something that was affordable to everyone. We are proud to share the retail price per mask breaks down to only $1.00. We have done a soft launch of the product and have been selling online since July. We have already sold over 120,000 units across the country.”

The masks are 100% Canadian made, with the distribution centre located in Ontario. The company ships nationwide and provides wholesale pricing for resellers and distributors.

Those interested in bulk orders can contact Kara at and get 10% off your order with code RI-10.

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  1. My friend purchased these and gave me 1. We went to the mall and at least 8 people stopped us and asked us about them. One mother after questioning us commented that she was having problems with her daughter wearing a mask, and felt that wearing the mingle mask would help her. The mask is very comfortable to wear and is easily cleaned. The best part is that people can see your face when you smile, and you can wear lipstick. Breathing is easy, people can hear and understand what you are saying and no fogging for those that wear glasses. Glad to hear it is a Canadian product and manufactured in Canada!!

  2. nous aimerions commander une belle quantite afin de les revendre a nos clients.
    avez vous une liste de prix par quantite ou une liste de prix revendeurs
    nous attendons votre reponse afin de passer ma commande rapidement.
    nous avons deja commande une boite de 10, c la compagnie Aurys distribution,a Montreal,
    Rosy Levy

  3. I cannot wear cloth or surgical mask and came across someone wearing a mingle mask and so I ordered a box and love that I can breath and no headaches and especially my glasses do not fog up . I have so many people ask where I got my ask and I tell them and always make sure they know that these are Canadian made 🙂 so if we have to wear a mask Mingle mask is the way to go .

  4. I purchased a ten pack to use when I go back to the classroom as a teacher. However, I’m questioning its effectiveness since the mask is very exposed.

    • The product has been thoroughly tested. Remember, like any other non medical face covering, its primary intention is to trap your exhalations. It does that very well.


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